Epiphone emperor 🧡 Top 10 Produkte unter der Lupe

Is there a way to make an Epiphone Casino sound like the J-160E’s in This Boy?, I think it sounds really nice and unique but can’t afford a J-160E.

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[GEAR] Epiphone Casino sounds bad, but I don’t want to sell it.

My Epiphone Casino sound really muddy and too bright at the same time. I’ve tried raising and lowering the pole pieces, raising and lowering the action, tried multiple different amps and it sounds bad through all of them. I have tried other casinos and they sound clear and not at all muddy. Any suggestions?
Update: I tested the resistance in my pickups and it was 12 in the neck and 11 in the bridge. I probably just need new pickups, but for the next few days I’ll be considering whether or not I want to go through all the trouble it takes to get pickups that fit the casino, or just sell it off and buy something else. Thank you so much for all your suggestions.
Update 2: I have decided not to sell it but to replace the electronics and pickups. I tested the pickups resistance and it’s a little hot which would explain the muddiness. I’m just not sure what pickups to go with. In doing research I found that virtually no pickups are going to fit my guitar right off the bat because casinos have a weird spacing. I really like the idea of Duncan antiquity p90s because every pick up I’ve ever loved has had alnico 2 magnets in them and these are some of the few with alnico 2’s. But then Lollar is intriguing because I can just send in my old pickups and he’ll rewind it. Last thing I’m curious about is how hard it would be to test my new pickups with plastic vs metal cover. I’m not sure which I want to go with. Any suggestions are appreciated.
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[Gear] How do the P90s on an Epiphone Casino sound in comparison to single coils on a solid body guitar?

I really want a hollow bodied guitar, but I am definitely a person who prefers single coil pickups and I am finding that pretty much no fully hollow electric guitars have them, aside from some models of the Gibson ES-175 and Fender Coronados made between 1966 and 1972, both are way beyond my budget. The Epiphone Casino has P90s which are closer to traditional single coils than humbuckers so I suppose that’s my first choice, but my guitar store doesn’t stock any guitars with P90s so I have no way of trying them, so that’s why I am asking. I play country music, my amp is a Fender Champ with the bass rolled down to 1 or 2 depending on if I’m playing fast or slow and the treble up to 9.
So how does the Epiphone Casino sound for me?
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[GEAR] I never get sick of this guitar and I hope you don't either...'97 Epiphone Casino in beautiful turquoise!

"Charlotte" is a 1997 Epiphone Casino!
This is a limited edition factory finish, made from roughly 1996-2002, from the Peerless factory in Korea. Completely stock.
Classic Epiphone Casino sound and feel, but they can get really dirty if you want them to.
I've shared a photo or two of this beauty before...I was clearing out a memory card and found this shot sitting there--I just had to share. Have a most excellent day!
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Cant decide btwn the Fender Stratocaster and the Epiphone Casino [NEWBIE] Im linking sons I like the sound of and was wondering which one of these two will hellp me do that

New Kid In Town by The Eagles: https://youtu.be/-Pa5nqYXEnY
Sun King by the Beatles: https://youtu.be/6bNMxWGHlTI
Brother by Mac Demarco https://youtu.be/ynbtf2fJ2JA
Call It Fate Call it Karma by The Strokes: https://youtu.be/Txn5-dKLFHg
Heaven Knows Im Miserable Know by The Smiths: https://youtu.be/TjPhzgxe3L0
If you have any other guitar reccomendations that id really appriciate it. I really love Albert Hammond Jr. and he plays the Strat but I love the beatles too and ik they used the casino. Mccartney even said that was his lone desert guitar. These two are apples and oranges but id love to be able to play the songs just linked. Thanks in Advance!
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[GEAR] Aftermarket P-90 pickups with a more classic sound for my Epiphone Casino?

I am a pianist primarily but I have been playing acoustic guitar for years. I decided to purchase an Epiphone Casino because I love John’s rhythm playing in the Beatles. However the pickups on this guitar seem to have much more gain or something because instead of getting a traditional rock and roll sound with a bit of extra dirtiness if almost sounds like heavy metal distortion. I know that it isn’t the amplifier (Gibson GA-5 Skylark) that I got along with the guitar because I have tried another guitar in it and it sounds remarkably clean for such an old, small amplifier. So, who makes the best aftermarket P-90s for that classic sound?
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[NEWBIE] What kind of sound will I get out of an Epiphone Casino?

Hey I'm just starting to get into playing guitar again. I just dusted off my Epiphone I got when I was 12 and I'm ready to start learning. I want to play hard rock/heavy metal. My influences are stuff like Guns N Roses, Metallica, Megadeth, Skid Row, and Aerosmith. Probably my all time favorite guitar player is Izzy Stradlin. For a beginner do you think this guitar could get a sound similar to his sound on Appetite for Destruction?
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After saving for 2 months working from 8 to 4 every saturday, I finally managed to get this epiphone casino coupe in cherry red

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Best ever new guitar day: MIJ Epiphone Valensi!

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[PLAY] Rather than making a NGD photo post, I decided to write and record a song with my new Epiphone Casino that I got for Xmas!

I got this new (to me) Epiphone Casino for Christmas this year and I love it! I’m a big fan of the Beatles and I love the sunburst look of these. I added the bigsby vibrato. Rather than just posting some photos like usual, I decided this time to use it to record a new song and make a video of me playing it. I really like the sound of the P90’s and it’s a lot of fun to play.
Sometimes getting a new guitar is really inspiring for the songwriting process. Different sounding guitars can push you in a different direction creatively, and you can get some great sounds by experimenting.
Other gear I used:
Gibson Les Paul Trad Plus
Rickenbacker 4003s
Logic Pro X
Guitar Rig 5 amp sims
Rode NT1A
Thanks for watching!
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[Question] Suggestions for a Semi-hollow body

I’m looking for a semi hollow or hollow body electric. Ideally less than €1.5k, ideally again cheap before sacrificing too much in terms of quality.
I’m thinking Epiphone Casino or Sheraton, beyond that I’m stumped. Maybe an Eastman?
What do you suggest? I’m after the Hold back the river tone by James Bay.
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The three things I love most in my life.

  1. My dog!
He is a tiny yorkie named Blue and I love him to death.
  1. My Family
This is a generic one I know but they really are the best and I don't know what I'd do without them.
  1. My Guitars
My Epiphone Casino more specifically. Its one of the most beautiful things I've ever laid my eyes upon. And it sounds absolutely incredible.
Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk
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OBSESSED with EQD Westwood, looking for similar pedals and complimentary pedals

I'm not new to playing guitar but until 6 months ago I just plugged directly into my Marshall or Orange and that was the extent of modifying my sound. I've since become obsessed with pedals and have sank a few grand into them since this summer. Of all the pedals I've bought, in terms of overdrives, the EQD Westwood has blown my mind. It's seemingly the perfect overdrive for my desires.
But perfect is relative, so I wanted to ask if anyone felt there were better versions of something along this line? I know some people lump Westwood in as a Klon clone but my ears don't hear it. Both are advertised as "transparent overdrive" and while that is a fitting description, the two pedals seem to occupy different spaces. So with that said, what do you feel may best the Westwood?
After going nuts over YouTube demos, I think the Foxcatcher by Coppersounds may give the Westwood a run for its money, as well as the Morning Glory by JHS.
Next question: what is a good complimentary overdrive pedal to have after the Westwood (or before? - I'm new to pedals so knowing how to arrange pedals in the correct order is still something I'm learning). I have 1981 DRV (rat clone), Ibanez TS 9, OneSound Strawberry Red Overdrive, and a few others that didn't work for me and need to be listed on Reverb. Looking for a nice vintage-y post punk sound, anything from Chameleons to Interpol. I play an Epiphone Casino as well as a couple Gretsch's. I use a Draume and Afterneath for reverb/effects after the Westwood, with my pedal chain starting with Boss tuner, JHS Pulp n Peel compressor and Boss EQ.
About my Boss tuner, it works fine on battery power, but as soon as I plug in the power (9v from my Voodoo 2 Pedal Power) it doesn't work. Is 9v not the right power source to power a Boss tuner? I see the Boss Tuner is also the only pedal I own to have a 2nd power jack (output). No other pedal I own has that, just one single 9v power input. Do I need to use the power-out for the pedal that comes next in order to get the Boss Tuner to function properly? As of now I can only get it to work with battery power.
Thanks for helping a clueless newbie out!
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[Question] trapeze tailpiece rattle (Epiphone Casino)

I just picked up an epiphone casino and there seems to be some kind so rattling sound coming from the tailpiece (I think) does anyone know if that’s the issue and does anyone know how to fix it? Here’s a video of the issue
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[QUESTION]What's a good sub $1k guitar with P-90's?

I'm feeling the 'new guitar I neither need nor can really afford but GAS is real' itch. I've been toying with getting a Squier CV Jazzmaster or an Epiphone LP Modern, but I realize those pickups kinda replicate what I already have (MiM Strat, Nashville Tele, Epiphone Sheraton Pro II). I keep thinking I should look into something with P90's in it. I know I can buy something and do a pickup swap, but I'm kinda curious what I can get off the rack, as it were. What am I missing in the sub-$1k range with P90's?
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What’s a good guitar to compliment a Jazzmaster?

Just wondering since the Jazzmaster is my all time favourite guitar, what are some guitars than compliment it for rhythm?
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Getting the right tone

Hey guys/gals! So, I've been playing guitar for about a year now. I basically play/practice on my own. No bandmates or friends nearby to jam with or learn from. I can play a couple of songs the whole way through and large chunks of a couple dozen or so other songs. My chord changes are becoming quicker and have even started singing along with a couple (slower paced) songs. Now, I am trying to get the "right" sound/tone for the songs I want to play. I understand there are many variables. From type of guitar (2004 Epiphone Casino) to amp (Fender Champion 20) to strings used, room dynamics, individual playing style etc. But are there any references out there to tell you (even roughly) on how to get the right tone (or closest to the original tone) for the song you want to play? Also, I don't yet have any pedals, I am only using the built-in tones/effects of the amp. TIA.
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Can we get an answer to the question of who plays the third guitar that doubles the bass line during the chorus of While My Guitar Gently Weeps?

Some people say that it must be John playing octaves on his Epiphone Casino because he is credited to playing guitar on the song. Others swear that the warm tone and the perfectly synced octaves could realistically only have been produced by George's Rickenbacker 12 string. While there is no official record of George playing his Rickenbacker after 1966, it seems highly unlikely that John would have been willing to contribute so much to one of George's songs, especially after John had already played organ on the backing track and is also believed to have used his Fender 6 string bass to double the verse sections of Paul's bassline to create a thicker bass sound. I haven't been able to find any concrete answers as to who plays this guitar part, so I figured I might as well try asking here.
Edit: I mean bridge not chorus
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Ready to invest in a multi-fx pedal and new (to me) guitar - struggling on where to invest. Input would be great!

So, life/living situation (small apartment with wife, baby on the way, don't have $$ for individual pedals and amps, etc.) has had me downsizing my rig. I have a taylor acoustic electric, and a MiM fender mustang (more on that later). To me, have to be real. I won't be hitting the stage or doing big jams with people. I just want to enjoy playing at home

I think I've come around to investing a multi-fx pedal. or MAYBE a combo amp that has what I want. I would love to hear what you all think I should for. I'll try and sum up what I'd like to have

Budget: Less than $1000 (ideally less than $500)

Longevity - looking for something that would be both software supported and last me anywhere from 4-8 years

features: Built in tuner, built in looper - ideally has built it/comes with expression pedal to control this, but if it's extra hopefully not too much extra $$

Headphone jack

interface/power: do most multi-fx pedals have the ability to just be self powering? for example could I just plug the pedal's power supply in, plug my headphone and guitar into the pedal, and play/listen? or do I have to also have an interface? Ideally, I do NOT want to invest in an interface.

Music style: Emo, shoegaze, pop punk, indie, beatles, lots of reverb

sounds/recording: ideally amp and cab simulator. editor software as well. I'll be just using my macbook and likely garageband

Options I've considered: Valeton gp100, Mooer ge-150, Line 6 pod pro, Line 6 HELIX LT (big buy but it seems so awesome), boss gt-1, boss gt-100, Boss Katana, Fender gtx100

I'd love to sell my guitar (fender mustang) and either get an epiphone p90 casino, or a fender HSS. Also considering SG/les paul variants.

Thanks for any feedback for anyone who has a setup similar to what I have.
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[QUESTION] Do phones cause interference with Pickups or amps? (Static and other sounds from amp)

Hey everyone, I’ve just bought an Epiphone Casino and am currently using a Blackstar amp. However sometimes it whenever I go to use my phone while I’m holding my guitar the amp sometimes makes this static sounds for a few seconds and then stops, once it made a loud thudding/cutting out. Just wondering if this is damage to either guitar or amp and how much mobile phones interfere with the pickups/guitar and amp?
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[question] Long time acoustic player new to electric. Looking for a recommendation on an starter amp.

I have an epiphone casino that I've been playing for a while and I only ever play acoustically or into a audio interface with headphones.
I just moved to an actual house after years of apartment living and feel good about buying an amp for the first time.
To top it off I just WON a Fender Telecaster so I'll definitely want to play with an amp.
The Fender LT line looks great for a totally fresh person to electric as I can cycle through different amp styles and effects to find a sound that works for both types of guitar, but I'm unsure if that's a decent move or whether I should buy an amp based on my taste in music.
I like Radiohead, Grizzly Bear, The National, Arcade Fire, The Drums, Bob Dylan, Nick Cave, Paul Simon, Fleetwood Mac, to name a few.
Does that list of bands make a particular valve amp stand out as a good choice and make it seem sensible to hone in to a sound right away?
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[GEAR] Gretsch G5655T - twang! chimes!

After 3 Epiphones I wanted a new sound - and this is it. Lovely twangy sound from my first Gretsch. Nothing wrong with my LP 1960 Tribute Plus (my go to), Casino Coupe or Emperor Swingster, but I wanted a distinctly different sound. And the Gretsch delivers. Surprisingly different.
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Epiphone Casino Demo Sounds - YouTube Epiphone Casino vs Epiphone Riviera Custom p93 - YouTube Pickup upgrade  Sound test - Epiphone Casino - YouTube Epiphone Casino Inspired by John Lennon sound check with VOX AC15C1X Epiphone Casino demo - YouTube Great Blues Tone With Epiphone Casino p90 and Blues Jr ... Epiphone Casino Hollowbody Guitar Demo - YouTube Epiphone Casino Inspired by John Lennon sound check with ...

zu 'Epiphone Casino Coupe Testbericht: Guter Sound bei kleinen Maßen' Hirade 10. Dez 2015 09:18 Uhr Antworten. Ich besitze 22 Gitarren verschiedenster Marken, und weil man es haben muss auch Gibson. Aber, die Verarbeitungsqualität ist bei ALLEN anderen Marken (Fender, Ibanez, PRS, Yamaha, Brook, Takamine) welten besser als bei Gibson ... Epiphone Casino VS, E-Gitarre, Semi-Acoustic, Body laminated Ahorn, Set Neck, Mahagoni Hals (Swietenia Macrophylla) mit Pau Ferro Griffbrett mit parallelogram Inlays, 2 Alnico P90 Pickups, chrome Hardware, Farbe Vintage... Pork Chop Tone(The Sound of His Epiphone) Epiphone Casino Thin-Line Hollow Body E-Gitarre (Vintage Sunburst Lack, Mahagoni Hals, Ahorn Korpus) Klassisches Design aus der Mitte der 60er Jahre; Epiphone P-90 Tonabnehmer; Verfügbar in 4 Farben; Epiphone Limited Edition Les Paul Special-I E-Gitarre Worn Black Lindenkörper; Angeschraubter Mahagoni-Hals; Griffbrett aus Palisander; 21 Bünde; D ... Die Epiphone Pro Mini Humbuckers in Neck und Bridge sind ein bisschen weicher und saturierter als die P-90. Der Retro-Sound wird optisch begleitet durch ein Tailpiece aus den 30ern und einem coolen Sparkling Burgundy und Royal Tan – Finish. Dürfte also vielleicht 100,- Euro ca mehr kosten als die Epiphone Casino. Interessant ist, dass die ... Die Epiphone Casino NT ist eine Gitarre, die im Gegensatz zur ES-335 komplett hohl ist. Dadurch hat sie einen einzigartigen Sound mit hohem Wiedererkennungswert. Sie ist des Weiteren mit zwei Alnico P-90 Tonabnehmern ausgestattet, die einen glockenartigen Sound hervorrufen, weshalb die Gitarre besonders bei Jazz- und Rock 'n' Roll-Musikern beliebt ist. Sie besitzt einen Ahornkorpus und einen ... The Epiphone Casino Coupe offers a fantastic sound in a compact body for a very good price. Given the illustrious history of the Epiphone Casino and the musicians that used it, the Coupe has a lot to live up to. As a somewhat scaled-down and compact alternative to the Casino, there are a great number of things that the Coupe does well. It’s ... Die Casino ist mit der ES-330 bis auf den Headstock identisch. Aber ich glaube du verwechselst die ES-330, die ich mit der Casino verglichen habe mit der ES-335, die hat Humbucker und keine P90. Was deine Kaufentscheidung angeht: Auf jeden Fall vorher mal anspielen. Epiphone LP Standard und Gibson Special Faded sind 2 paar Schuhe! MfG Since 1961, the legendary Casino has been Epiphone’s best-selling archtop and a rock ‘n’ roll standard. First introduced in 1961, the Casino was just one of several new thinline archtops designed and produced at the company’s adopted new factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan that it shared with one-time competitor and new partner, Gibson. Hi All Ive recently traded in my Epiphone Dot for a lovely Epiphone Casino (449 RRP) in Cherry Red. I always liked the sound I got from the Dot, but the playability and the build quality wasnt the best so decided to upgrade. Considered a Sheraton, but was too heavy and bulky compared to the Casin... Bereits ab 523,00 € Große Shopvielfalt Testberichte & Meinungen Jetzt Epiphone Casino elektrische Gitarre günstig kaufen bei idealo.de

[index] [3587] [33847] [23034] [13562] [2827] [6037] [9426] [19962] [5661] [31420]

Epiphone Casino Demo Sounds - YouTube

Epiphone Casino / Inspired by John Lennon "1965" Casino Outfit Normal Channel: TRIO Band Creator Top Boost Channel: Guitar. #epiphone #epiphonecasino #epiphoneriviera #guitarshootoutGuitar shootout! Here is the Epiphone Casino (standard) back to back with the Epiphone Riviera p93.... Effects: Epiphone Casino Natural - Made In Corea (Peerless - 05). Impro. -Fulltone OCD V4 -Vox Valve Tone V810 -Vox V847 USA (tbp) -MXR Carbon Copy -MXR Phas... High Quality Audio - Straight forward demo of Neck, Middle, and Bridge positions. Casinos are super versatile. No pedals or anything and you get a really ni... Epiphone Casino / Inspired by John Lennon "1965" Casino OutfitAC15C1X Top Boost Channel 【ギター3分レッスン】 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gs5XUjde4dA&list=PLDk5wHWD5Ls7Lr0p7qc5tiDlj_muPa55Q http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5h4aWBpQVCA more I've changed this things: - PICKUPS to Bare Knuckles Nantucket P90 - POTS to CTS - SWITCH - BRIDGE to Gotoh Gear used in this video: Guitars: - Epiphone Casi... Epiphone Casino Demohttp://www.jackfossett.comDescription from Epiphone Guitars Webpage:CasinoEpiphone has made a name for itself by producing some of the gr...